This new Kumiho (???), or Gumiho*, are an effective 9-tailed fox soul

This new Kumiho (???), or Gumiho*, are an effective 9-tailed fox soul

From inside the Korean society foxes having lived to have 1000 age, racking up a lot of time, turn out to be Kumiho. The latest Kumiho is similar to other fox pets, including the Japanese kitsune and you may Chinese huli jing. Although they have comparable enchanting show and durability, Kumiho are more malicious than many other fox spirits Ones much time-lived legendary creatures, the Kumiho is the simply fox that eliminates and you may eats human beings.


The fresh Kumiho comes with the supernatural element off transforming to the a human-constantly a pleasant woman. Even if able to figure-shift, there is certainly nevertheless things quintessentially fox-including about a good Kumiho, despite individual mode. A Kumiho in the peoples mode may have foxy keeps, indicated ears hidden beneath streaming locks, otherwise 9 tails you to definitely simply feel evident whenever wedding dresses is taken away. In the event in a position to alter anywhere between individual and you will fox versions, good Kumiho carefully shields their real title.


Even when old reports of Kumiho indicate they might sometimes be helpful to people, in our contemporary world Kumiho are known to become worst, bloodthirsty creatures you to consume human livers or hearts. The Kumiho techniques naive people in buy to consume the minds if you take the form of an individual. They can really be found in graveyards, where it feast on minds of your own has just dry. In other account, Kumiho must consume peoples livers so you can reach the existence push or time of one’s human. The fresh new fairy tale The Fox Sis illustrates a great fox heart preying to your a household to have livers.

Ascension in order to humanity

The Kumiho is limited by the supernatural pushes, living a life associated with humankind yet , outside the peoples realm. Such as for example werewolves or any other figure-shifters, the new Kumiho’s lifestyle is the jealousy of some, but good curse toward creature. Humans and you may foxes the exact same believe that humankind are a better state. In Buddhism, an element of the karmic ladder in which souls move considering religious merit, people are at the brand new meeting. It is thought that which have great usually a great Kumiho can be ascend out-of the yokwe (monster) condition, becoming forever human and losing their worst state of mind. Ways in which a great Kumiho could become people tend to be:

  • The latest Kumiho need refrain from killing and you will restaurants human beings (or in particular tales people animal meat) for one,100000 weeks. (Korean folklore)
  • Someone who has found the new Kumiho’s correct nature, need certainly to give no-one of the wonders having 10 years. (Kumiho: Tale of Fox’s Child)
  • During a period of a hundred weeks, the brand new Kumiho cannot reveal its real mode to a human, just take zero person or creature existence, which help anyone that requires assistance. In case the Kumiho fails on this quest it does get rid of any threat of to be human and will also be a devil for starters,one hundred thousand ages. (Gu Nearest and dearest Guide)
  • The fresh new Kumiho need certainly to consume the livers of just one,000 boys over 1,one hundred thousand decades. Whether your task is not complete at the conclusion of the 1,one hundred thousand many years, the fresh new Kumiho have a tendency to melt toward bubbles. (New Thousandth Child)

Popular People

The brand new Kumiho looks within the ancient Korean folktales, however, reports of yokwe fox is rich in common people, especially in Korean tv crisis.


Banya is actually a beneficial Kumiho on the comical 1000 Ages Ninetail. The guy converts with the a good-looking young buck with enough time light locks.

The new webcomic The brand new Fox Sister will be based upon the new Korean fairy tale of the identical name. The new comical is decided in the Seoul throughout the late sixties. This is the story out of an early on Mugyo priestess and her fight with good Kumiho. Discover webcomic in the thefoxsister.

  • The fresh new lingering Korean webcomic, The fresh new Jesus off High school, possess a Kumiho character known as 9 Tails Guardian. Notice it during the webtoons.
  • On the comical A lot of Age Ninetails (2011), 15-year-dated Lee Thus-Yoon discovers a search containing a beneficial Nine-tailed Fox, Banya, whom aims an excellent monk just who took his mom’s orb. Notice it at the mangatown.
  • Laon (2006) was a six-collection comic on the an odd young boy who is in fact a Kumiho.


  • This new series Taboo Like: The Legend of your own 9-Tailed Fox (2004) looked a beneficial kumiho who had been a mild-mannered personnel at the a natural history museum by day, however, by night she is a strong warrior from the 9-Tailed Fox clan who found in preserving the new painful and sensitive balance anywhere between human beings and you can Kumiho.
  • This season the fresh new Korean crisis My Wife are an effective Gumiho, in which a student mistakenly unleashes a great Kumiho who was closed into the an artwork, is actually a major international hit and you will sparked a great deal of focus on the Kumiho. Available on Viki and Hulu.

Some other Kumiho-focused drama one to transmitted this year was Gumiho: Tale of Fox’s Son, in which a beneficial Kumiho along with her daughter check for its means globally immediately after her partner’s indiscretion helps them to stay off as people. On Hulu and Viki as Grudge: The latest Revolt from Gumiho.

If you’re interested in more info on the fresh new Kumiho courtesy traditional Korean folktales, investigate Salt Peddler as well as the Light Fox, and Fox Sibling. These types of reports have traditionally already been distributed to the students, but just as in of a lot old urban myths, he is much spookier and you will a bit more gruesome than just our very own progressive fairy stories.

* Each other Kumiho and you will Gumiho are correct. The newest spelling utilizes and this transcription system put. The first Korean hangul ? is actually transcribed while the Grams on Modified Romanization from Korean, however in the fresh new old McCune–Reischauer program it is transcribed so you’re able to K. Changed Romanization turned the state transcription system inside the Southern Korea during the 2000, whereas the fresh McCune–Reischauer system is widely used beyond South Korea. Northern Korea continues to fool around with a version of McCune–Reischauer program off Romanization.

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